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The founders of Hope Filled Futures are: Tim and Sara Born.

Saved in 1983, Tim was gloriously delivered from drug and alcohol addiction and Sara from depression. Shortly after, they received their missions calling. Feeling the need to grow in the Lord before going on the field, they studied the Bible, evangelism and counseling at a school in their local church. Tim went on to help pastor a church for 20+ years; Sara was involved with the worship, intercessory prayer and children’s ministries. In 2005, they moved to the Cameroonian village of Nsongwa as missionaries where they ran a base for teens and opened a Bible school. In 2008 they moved into the nearby town of Bamenda where they helped to open an orphanage and start an evening Bible College. In August of 2013 a Social Affairs officer approached Tim about taking over Grace Tait Shelter which was in danger of being closed down due to lack of funding and over sight. They accepted and so began their GTS journey. To learn more about them and their entire Cameroon journey visit their website:

Currently Tim and Sara are the only U.S. staff at Hope Filled Futures.

In Cameroon we have a wonderful care giving couple who live at GTS and care for the orphans.

Julius and Constance Numfor. They had their first the summer of 2014..a beautiful daughter (Eve). We have hired another woman to help in the kitchen so Constance can be on bed rest in April of 2014 until the baby was born. In Nov. the cook left leaving Constance alone in the kitchen. She bravely endured that heavy load (cooking for 21) people until we were able to hire Honorine to help in Feb of 2015 who is no longer on staff.

Tata Naomi Njeke

Gave up her schooling to become our cook/dorm mother for the girls. She is a wonderful woman and a godly example for the children.

Siri Marceline Ntumna

She was one of our staff members. She was a rescue/hire. She was being abused at home so we hired her to rescue her from her situation since she was too old to be one of our "children. She left in 2021 to get married. We pray God's blessing on her and her new life

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