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It is our desire to help train up men and women of God to search the scriptures for themselves and learn to rightly divide the Word of God. For several years the HFF director coordinated a boarding Bible school. He loved the close quarters that opened the door for intense day-to-day discipleship that changed lives and raised up Godly men and women. He later opened and coordinated another evening Bible school that helped established adults delve deeper into the Word, pulling out truths that helped set them free from a lifetime of bondage to sin, legalism and fear. Freed by the power of God through His grace they were enabled to see the formation of the character of Christ in their lives....not by works of righteousness, but by His accomplished work on the cross. Freed by grace not to continue in sin, but to be truly deep down delivered through grace. We will be raising money towards developing a piece of land that a former Bible school student has given to us for the purpose of seeing our vision of another Bible boarding school come to fruition. Big dreams, great even greater, bigger God who we believe will accomplish it!!

In January 2015 we became involved with another Bible School that was in danger of closing it's doors after being the premiere Bible College in the area for many years. We are working hard towards making it a place (once more) where students are challenged to grow in their knowledge of the Word of God and in their walk with the Lord. A fully accredited institution it offers a variety programs: certificates, diplomas and a Bachelor of Theology.

Unfortunately, while we had wanted to help with new materials (as stated below) the Bible school is embroiled in a battle for "ownership" of the school and it's materials/items so we have had to step back for a season and help only via teaching.

One of the things we desire to do is to modernize how materials/books are managed. We have decided to offer inexpensive tablets that students can purchase when they first register. This will decrease the cost of books and printing and will make the Bible school more attractive (bringing in new students). The students will also have the option to purchase keyboards/cases etc...which will allow them to use programs for papers etc… Tablets also allow us to install free Bible software so that the students will have the tools they need to properly study the Word of God. We are also in the process of replacing equipment that was lost/broken. If you are interested in helping with providing tablets or replacing the equipment. Visit our web store.

If you want to give via debit/credit card click on the button below then click on add/change funds to let us know where you want your donation to go to: we have partnered with Servant Keeper to provide a way to securely give online or you can contact us at:

321-536-2320 and we can set that up for you

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