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For $60 a month you can provide food, housing, education and medical care for an orphan at Grace Tait Shelter. We have 25 children living there now. There are many more who live in desperate situations. Please consider sponsoring an orphan so we can care for these and rescue more.


There are lots of on-going projects that are in need of funding. It's our desire to help provide self-sustaining projects: chickens, goats, pigs, fruit trees so that GTS can provide much of their own food. The orphan sponsorship money given goes much further this way. There are also other projects in need of funding too. Click on the projects page under Grace Tait Shelter to see a full list of current projects.


The water source pictured above provides polluted water for 2 villages. It takes ~$1500 to provide a hand dug well with a pump for a village. Many villages are without nearby water. Many have water, but it isn't clean enough to drink. Often women and children have to travel 3 miles or more just to get water that they can drink and use for cooking, cleaning, bathing etc... One well in a village can change these villagers lives.


Come with a group from your church or with a group of friends. We can put together a package that includes: transportation to/from airport, travel within country, meals, lodging, project (flexible for what you want to do). Contact us if you are interested.

There is also an Amazon Wish List for Grace Tait Shelter...under Hope Filled Futures or

If you would like to send a larger item contact us as we have a friend who sends containers a couple times a year and he can ship things for a very reasonable price.

To help sponsor a child, bible student, help develop the boarding Bible School, fund a project, dig a well or just give in general:

Send your tax deductible gifts/checks to HFF

HFF is 501c3 public charity organization, the EIN is 46-4713148:

Hope Filled Futures

PO Box 236342

Cocoa, FL 32923

Make sure to specify what you want your donation to go towards.

If you want to give via debit/credit card click on the button below then click on add/change funds to let us know where you want your donation to go to: we have partnered with Servant Keeper to provide a way to securely give online or you can contact us at:

321-536-2320 and we can set that up for you.

Or you can give through Paypal (visit the web store)

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