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Welcome to Hope Filled Futures where we help bring hope to Cameroonians in desperate situations by:

  • Rescuing orphans

  • Providing clean drinking water

  • Training adults/youths

  • Doing special projects in villages

  • Sharing the life giving life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Project 1 - Land

We found a piece of land right in the middle of the town of Bamenda. Within walking distance to the medical college, nursing school, apprenticeship programs, our current secondary and primary schools. It comes with a building that is set up for 10 one room apartments and a decent wall around it. It is big enough to put one big building and several other smaller buildings on it and still have room in the center for a play area for the children. Due to the conflict the land prices are really inexpensive. For around $50,000 we can purchase this property so the children can have a permanent home and we have room to grow as a ministry. We currently have $27,000 raised. We need another $23,000to make this happen adding another $2,000 for "closing costs" that occur in Cameroon for a total of $25,000 


After purchasing the property, we need to start developing it right away. We need $5,000 to refurbish the existing buildings. Another $45,000 to build the large main building. We will look into several smaller buildings for staff when these projects are done. We have $7000 towards buildings we need an additional $43,000 to complete the buildings to move the children and staff in to their new home.

Send money to:


PO Box 236342

Cocoa, FL 32923

If you want to give via debit/credit card click on the button below then click on add/change funds to let us know where you want your donation to go to: we have partnered with Servant Keeper to provide a way to securely give online or you can contact us at:

(321) 536-2320 or

THANK YOU so much for all of your faithful prayers and support!


Rescuing orphans from desperate situations


Providing clean drinkable water in remote villages


Short term missions at it's best!

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